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Karen Sole

From June 1st our exhibition will feature Karen Sole. Karen's work often has a strong association with place, whether geographical, psychological or ideological. In this exhibition a range of beginnings are represented. There are intensely personal pieces, such as ‘I wanted to drink tea with you, white-haired and pared down, remember who we were’; others with a strong geographical association like Plitvicke Jezera, while the Totem triptych comes from a deeper universal or primal sense of things. Then there’s Last Summer Days, which sprang from the simple joy of looking out her window and seeing the garden in its blowsy end of season chaos. For Karen it is more important that viewers have their own responses, unshaped by anything more than what they see in front of them and knowing that she loved making it.

Up coming Exhibitions


  • July - Name
  • August - Josh Lancaster
  • September - Mary
  • October - Vicki
  • November - Toya
  • December - Edges


The final program for 2019 has not yet been finalized. We still have a few spaces available, if you would like to have an exhibition please contact us


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