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Benefits of Custom Framing

People wonder whether there’s a difference between custom picture framing and purchasing a “standard” size, store-bought frame from a department or craft store. YES there is a difference, and it can matter greatly, especially if the art or item you intend to put in that frame has any sort of value or is of a specific dimension

Framing is about more than just preservation – it also enhances your artwork, treasures and mementos Custom framing is a great way to preserve and present art or valuable mementos. But in addition to keeping your precious memorabilia safe and in good condition, it also provides other benefits:

Archive materials – prevents yellowing, fading or degrading

Often, prefabricated frames are not entirely safe to use as a means to preserve your artwork or treasures. This is due to the materials not being completely acid-free. This can cause certain issues, such as discoloration or breakdown of materials. On the other hand, custom frames made by a professional frame maker are made from high-quality materials and can offer you the assurance that your valuable belongings will not fade, yellow or degrade with time.

Customized presentation – you can choose what is best for your artwork or mementos

Another benefit of custom framing is that you can choose the materials used in the creation of your framing. This allows you to make your piece stand out in a way that will draw the eye and match your property’s style. In addition, you can get advice on what would be most suitable for your memorabilia and how to extend their life.

Custom frames are a great way to help protect, present and enhance the beauty of your treasures or art. They offer better preservation through acid-free materials designed to guard the content from light and other environmental hazards, and they can be made to suit any taste and budget while still offering high quality. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Custom Framing

1. The aesthetic component of a custom frame can enhance your artwork, photographs, and other keepsakes by giving them that finished look as well as adding pizzazz to your home’s interior. Give your family & friends something to talk about.

2. The practical part: Custom framing helps ensure that your pieces are protected from fading, breaking down, and becoming damaged over the long term.

3. Custom framing is suitable for almost anything – from paintings and drawings to photographs and needlework and other three-dimensional keepsakes. Not sure what to do with that sports memorabilia trapped in your closet? Why not bring them in and let us help you.

4. Ever considered adding a frame to one of your mirrors? Framed mirrors provide a quick and easy way to add dimension and style to any environment.

5. DYI framing methods can ruin your pieces, so beware! Do it yourself projects are fun but, sometimes they just don’t give you the results you were expecting. A custom framing expert has the knowledge and skill to get your projects off on the right foot and looking top notch. Consider framing your items by a skilled framer who can explain the benefits of the different types of glass, mat boards and moulding designs.

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