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Let's talk about glass.

Because it's clear, you might forget about it. 
But glass is the most important choice when making your framing decisions.

The most common glass options are:

Clear glass is the best value and will protect your piece from the immediate surroundings, (dust, fingerprints, fly spots, etc) but thats about it.

Non-reflective glass will also stop your piece from reflecting what's behind you, back at you, so you can see all the details of your artwork. But it won't stop fading.

If you want to protect your piece from fading, (which it will in any light, not just direct sunlight), you need to ask for a UV protecting glass.

Conservation clear glass blocks up to 98% of UV light rays to protect against fading, while Museum glass is the best glazing option available, blocking up to 99% of UV light rays to protect against fading as well as being almost invisible.

It all comes down to the lifespan you want your artwork to have.
If it's something that you want to hand down to your kids, it really is worth the extra for conservation glass to protect it, so they have something that looks as good in 10 years time as it does now.


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